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    The spa Korytnica is situated in the protected area of the Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT) at the northern slope of the Prašivá peak, 24 km in the east from Ružomberok. You can find here mineral springs of plaster, ferric and carbonic water that were known already in the 16-th century. The spa settlement was founded in the 19-th century. Gastric, casing, liver diseases are still healed here.
    By the end of the 18-th century some attempts were made to mine gold in the surroundings. Swamped old mines can still be found. Water that was needed for mining industry was taken from the village Pusté to the village Špania Dolina through an elevated duct.
    The spa building Hygia was transformed into a military hospital after the liberation of the Ružomberok city during the World War II. The spa was modernised after the war.

NOTE: Local part of the village Liptovská Osada (Liptovská Settlement).



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