Liptovská Teplička
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    Liptovská Teplička is a large mountainy and agricultural village, attractive for tourists (919 m). It is situated in the upper part of the river Čierny Váh (Black Váh), at the bottom of the northern slope of the Kráľova Hoľa peak, 33 km in the east from Kráľova Lehota, 30 km in the southwest from Poprad.
    The village arose as a result of the colonisation process of immigrants coming from upper Orava region. The oldest written reference about the village is from the year 1634. It was a part of the Liptovský Hrádok County. Majority of the local population were farmers, cattle keepers, woodcutters and raftsmen. Nowadays the village changes into a recreational and a tourist centre. People work mostly in industrial factories in Poprad and Svit.
    Most of the houses in the village were made of wood and had open yards until the 20-th century. Home-made canvas were used for making clothes, carpets, table-cloths, bed-sheets etc.



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